09:00Workshop start
09:00Opening and overview

09:15Lightning talks (15 min each)

Fabio Calefato, Filippo Lanubile, Roberto De Nicolò and Fabrizio Lippolis
Product Line Engineering for NGO Projects

Ruzanna Chitchyan, Joost Noppen and Iris Groher
What can Software Engineering Do for Sustainability: Case of Software Product Lines

Barbara Gallina
Towards Enabling Reuse in the Context of Safety-critical Product Lines

Magno Luã de Jesus Souza, Alcemir Rodrigues Santos and Eduardo Santana de Almeida
Towards the Selection of Modeling Techniques for Dynamic Software Product Lines

Thomas Buchmann, Johannes Baumgartl, Dominik Henrich and Bernhard Westfechtel
Robots and Their variability - A Societal Challenge and a Potential Solution

10:30Coffee break
11:00Lightning talks (15 min each)

Vinicius Segura, Leonardo Tizzei, João Paulo Ramirez, Marcelo Dos Santos, Leonardo Azevedo and Renato Cerqueira
WISE-SPL: Bringing multi-tenancy to the Weather InSights Environment system

Vasilios Tzeremes and Hassan Gomaa
A Software Product Line Approach for End User Development of Smart Spaces

 Patricia Lago, VU University Amsterdam
"Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Software"
12:30Lunch break
14:00Speed dating (6 slots, 15 min each)
15:30Coffee break
16:00Break-out sessions
17:20Workshop wrap-up and feedback
17:30Workshop end
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Page last updated: 20/05/2015