To maximize the interaction between participants and the resulting progress, during the workshop we will apply a combination of interactive sessions:

  • An introduction session in which participants describe and exemplify a opportunity and/or a concrete solution they contribute to the workshop. Each presentation should be no longer than 15min (including time for brief questions) and follow the format set by the workshop organizers (morning hours).
  • A keynote intended to raise questions and trigger discussions (late morning hours).
  • A "speed-dating" session, in which participants are engaged in a time-limited discussion with each other. The goal of this session is to identify the potential synergies among the participants’ interests (early afternoon hours).
  • A planning session that focuses on presenting and summarizing the identified synergies and establishing future long-term trackable collaboration among the participants (late afternoon hours).

PLEASE speed dating

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Page last updated: 18/02/2015