Workshop goals:

The concept of adaptation and self-adaptation of systems, in particular at runtime has caught the attention of the research community at large, both inside the domain of Software Product Lines (SPL) as well as outside SPL in areas like models-at-runtime, self-adaptive systems, ubiquitous computing, and specific application domains where runtime adaptation and post-deployment activities are required.

Dynamic software product lines (DSPL) were established as a research area under the assumption that product line concepts can be very
usefully applied in this context. Since its inception the DSPL-workshop addresses the mission of supporting adaptive and adaptable system development based on product line concepts. The lack of maturity and consolidation of DSPL approaches stills needs significant research effort to advance the state of the art. Also synergies between other fields on adaptive systems and DSPL could be explored and exploited more systematically. Our focus is to extend the community of researchers and to provide a forum for the discussion of current research on related topics.


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Page last updated: 04/08/2017