TOPICS: In this edition of DSPL series a renewed set of topics broaden the scope of the workshop and covering other related areas in the following topics, but not limited to:

Organization of DSPL:

o   Development approaches and organizational models to set a DSPL

o   Comparison between SPL and DSPL models

o   New activities required by a DSPL

o   Upfront cost and post-deployment activities

Dynamic binding in SPL:

o   Multiple binding times and the transition between them

o   Rebinding issues after deployment

o   Binding times and system operational models

o   Dynamic library loading mechanisms

Dynamic variability management

o   Managing runtime variants and variation points

o   Runtime managers supporting variability

o   Optimization of runtime variability solutions

o   Variability constraints and dependencies managed at runtime

o   Relation between pre-runtime and runtime variabilities, their properties and models

DSPL and software engineering:

o   Runtime SPL requirements engineering

o   Runtime SPL architecture analysis

o   Dynamic component model for system of systems engineering

o   Trade-off analysis between adaptability and other qualities

o   Context-oriented features and runtime variability

o   Tools supporting any aspect related to DSPL and dynamic variability approaches

o   Collaborative features at runtime

DSPL application domains:

o   Role of dynamic variability in specific application domains (e.g., Automotive and smart vehicles, Critical systems, Drones, Cloud systems, Robotics)

o   Self-adaptive systems using dynamic variability techniques

o   Context variability for IoT software

o   Case studies


















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