lero RSS Feed http://sites.lero.ie/please2015/acceptedpapers.html?rss PLEASE2015 / Accepted Papers en PLEASE2015 / Accepted Papers <p><em>Thomas Buchmann, Johannes Baumgartl, Dominik Henrich and Bernhard Westfechtel</em><br />Robots and Their variability - A Societal Challenge and a Potential Solution</p><p><em>Fabio Calefato, Filippo Lanubile, Roberto De Nicolò and Fabrizio Lippolis</em><br /> Product Line Engineering for NGO Projects</p><p><em>Ruzanna Chitchyan, Joost Noppen and Iris Groher</em><br />What can Software Engineering Do for Sustainability: Case of Software Product Lines</p><p><em>Barbara Gallina</em><br />Towards Enabling Reuse in the Context of Safety-critical Product Lines</p><p><em>Magno Luã de Jesus Souza, Alcemir Rodrigues Santos and Eduardo Santana de Almeida</em><br />Towards the Selection of Modeling Techniques for Dynamic Software Product Lines</p><p><em>Vinicius Segura, Leonardo Tizzei, João Paulo Ramirez, Marcelo Dos Santos, Leonardo Azevedo and Renato Cerqueira</em><br />WISE-SPL: Bringing multi-tenancy to the Weather InSights Environment system</p><p><em>Vasilios Tzeremes and Hassan Gomaa</em><br />A Software Product Line Approach for End User Development of Smart Spaces<br /></p> Thu, 19 Feb 2015 02:48:22 GMT http://sites.lero.ie/please2015/acceptedpapers.html lero http://sites.lero.ie/please2015/acceptedpapers.htmlThu, 19 Feb 2015 02:48:22 GMT