QACOS-OSSPL: A Joint Workshop of QACOS and OSSPL

Quality and Architectural Concerns in Open Source Software
Open Source Software and Product Lines


Collocated with OSS2009, Skövde, Sweden, 3-6 June 2009.

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The workshop will be organised on June 6, 2009.

Note: the program is now available! (see the Program section in the menu)

The workshop aims at bringing together both researchers and practitioners who are interested in the quality and architectural issues in open source software and their use in software product lines. This workshop will be a joint gathering of the communities set up around two workshops, Quality and Architectural Concerns in Open Source Software (QACOS) and Open Source Software and Product Lines (OSSPL). The attendees of this workshop will discuss the importance and challenges of quality assurance, quality assessment, and architectural concerns involved in selecting and using open source components for developing and evolving large scale software intensive individual or family of systems. The overall goal of the workshop is to gather several communities (i.e., software architecture, software quality, software product lines, and open source software) whose work is closely related to develop a common research agenda based on inputs from three communities to identify the research issues that should be addressed in the short to long term to establish relationships for cross-fertilization of research ideas and approaches. This event will also provide a platform to present mature and ongoing research aimed at:

  • Bridging the gap between practitioners (open sources and commercial) and researchers on the selection, use and/or integration of open source components into in-house software for building product lines;
  • Combining the advantages of open source, software quality, architecture-centric approaches, and software product lines.

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