PROFES 2010's organisers are happy to welcome two keynote speakers:

  1. Prof. Bashar Nuseibeh
  2. Dr. Christof Ebert

Professor Bashar Nuseibeh, Chief Scientist, Lero - The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre

Keynote: Mobile Privacy Requirements On Demand

Process and product improvements are noble goals. Structured, document-driven processes have played an important part in the development of some mission critical systems. Likewise, agile and lean development processes are showing increasing promise in competitive, changing environments. The 'software as a service' paradigm is adding a further challenging dimension to the mix, and is redefining the notion of a software product.

However, in this talk, I argue that an increasingly important kind of development needs our attention - one that focuses on the quality of the software (product) experience. As mobile and ubiquitous computing technology becomes a reality in everyday life, such technology is able to offer individual users a very personal and personalised set of services and experiences, with their own set of concerns and requirements. In our quest to ensure that the required service functionality is delivered, we risk neglecting how best to achieve the desired quality of service and user experience. This is an area that raises many difficult research questions and challenges. In my talk I will focus on some issues drawn from my own experience in requirements engineering and ubiquitous computing. In particular, I examine the socially and technically challenging topic of privacy in a mobile computing, and suggest that we need new development processes and methods to enable the elicitation and development of privacy requirements. I will present a number of qualitative empirical studies that explore how "requirements engineering in the wild" may be better suited to eliciting mobile privacy requirements than traditional requirements elicitation processes - agile, lean or otherwise...

Bio: Bashar Nuseibeh is Professor of Software Engineering and Chief Scientist at Lero - the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre. He is also a Professor of Computing at the Open University, UK, where he served as Director of Research (2002-2008), and a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London and the National Institute of Informatics, Japan. Previously he was a Reader at Imperial College London and Head of its Software Engineering Laboratory. His research interests are in software requirements engineering and design, software process modelling and technology, security and privacy, and technology transfer. He has published over 130refereed papers and consulted widely with industry, working with organisations such as the UK National Air Traffic Services (NATS), Texas Instruments, Praxis Critical Systems, Philips Research Labs, and NASA. Bashar was Editor-in-Chief of the Automated Software Engineering Journal (and currently Editor Emeritus), is Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (from January 2010), and a member of the Editorial Board of several other international journals. He has served as programme chair of ASE'98, RE'01, and ICSE'05, was Chair of the Steering Committee of ICSE, and is Chair IFIP Working Group 2.9 (Requirements Engineering). He received a 2002 Philip Leverhulme Prize, an ICSE'2003 Most Influential Paper award, and a Senior Research Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Leverhulme Trust (2005-2007). He was elected a Fellow of Automated Software Engineering, and is a Fellow of the BCS and IET, and a Chartered Engineer.

Dr. Christof Ebert, Managing Director Vector Consulting Services

Keynote: Lean Development - Potentials, Principles and Practices

To survive in a fast changing environment, we need to continuously improve productivity, reduce rework, and optimize product strategies. Lean development and lean management offers the right ingredients: Eliminating waste, empowering teams, delivering as fast as possible, seeing the whole. But there is a dark side, as recent industry experiences show. Too lean is mean. Lean often fails due to lack of vision, misalignment and insufficient execution. It is thus crucial for companies to successfully manage change towards lean development. This keynote will introduce to lean principles and practices. It will draw upon experiences from a variety of industries with topics such as lean transition, introducing new tools, improving engineering processes, and setting up a global software organization. A change check is provided so that participantscan address their specific challenges.

Bio: Christof Ebert is managing director and partner at Vector Consulting Services. A trusted advisor for companies around the world he has helped numerous companies to optimize technical product development and to manage organizational changes. Prior to that, he held engineering and management
positions for fifteen years in telecommunication, IT and transportation. An internationally renowned keynote speaker, SEI certified CMMI Instructor and steering chair of the IEEE conference series on Global Software Engineering, he authored several books including his most recent book "Global Software Engineering" published by Wiley/IEEE in 2010. Contact him at

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