The Third International Workshop on Management and Economics of Software Product Lines (MESPUL09)

The Workshop on Value-Base Product Line Engineering

collocated with the

13th International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC 2009)

August 24 - 28 San Francisco, USA

Product line engineering has recently emerged as a viable and important software development paradigm. Many companies have been adopting product line approach in order to improve the efficiency of their development processes, to increase the quality of end product, and reduce time-to-market and cost. Researchers and practitioners have proposed several methods, techniques, and tools to support the technical aspects of software product line engineering. Research has also been reported on different mechanics of calculating ROI, understanding Cost-Benefits, and critical factors in adopting software product lines. However, the body of knowledge on the management and economics aspects of software product lines is very thin. Adoptions and management of software product lines require significant initial investment that is expected to maximize the business value. In addition, managing a product line project is far complex and difficult because of the inter-related structure between core assets and products, multiple deadlines, resource allocation, etc.  Software product line practitioners need new approaches, models, and tools for addressing various challenges related to the management and economics of software product lines to be able to maximize the business value of adopting product line approach. Moreover, there is need for gathering and using empirical evidence to support different approaches of software product lines.

The first international workshop on management and economics of software product lines aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry and governments to report and discuss the challenges and opportunities of adopting and managing software product lines from managerial, organizational, and economics point of view. The workshop will provide a forum to present ideas about using existing management and organizational strategies and economic models to support software product lines and/or propose new approaches, techniques, and tools for business and technical manager to maximize the business value of software product line engineering. The workshop will cover the broad spectrum of research papers, experience reports, and position papers relevant to the economic, management, organizational aspects of software product line engineering.

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