We particularly encourage research papers based on industrial experience and empirical studies. We are interested in all topics related to model-driven techniques and/or scalability in product line engineĀ­ering. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Modelling of software product lines
    • Variability modelling, Configuration vs. construction of products (e.g. with DSLs)
    • Scalability of product line models
  • Product derivation/configuration
    • Automated and interactive techniques
    • Scalability of derivation/configuration
  • Assembly/generation of SPL artefacts
  • Handling large and complex SPLs
    • Managing complexity, scalability and inconsistencies
  • Visualisation and interactive techniques for large and complex PL models
    • To support modelling of SPLs
    • To support product derivation
  • Feature-oriented approaches for modelling and implementation
    • Feature dependencies and feature interaction
  • Evolution and Change
    • Model/Meta-model (co-)evolution
    • Model maintenance (merging, conflict resolution)
  • Variability-aware and scalable techniques for validation and verification
  • Integration of heterogeneous modelling languages and techniques
  • Runtime-variability, dynamic SPLs, variability in adaptive systems
  • Collaborative and distributed scenarios, software ecosystems

We particularly encourage papers which

  • report on industrial experience and case studies and/or
  • identify and structure open challenges and research questions
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Page last updated: 22/03/2011