This is the first workshop in the field of Knowledge Engineering in Global Software Development

  • Infrastructure for Research in Collaborative Software Engineering(IReCOSE) at FSE 2008 IReCoSE
  • Sharing Architectural Knowledge (SHARK) at ICSE 2008 SHARK2008
  • Supporting Distributed Team work at CSCW 2008 VRC-2008
  • Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering (CHASE) at ICSE 2008 CHASE
  • Socio-Technical congruence (STC) at ICSE 2008 STC
  • End-User Software Engineering (WEUSE) at ICSE 2008 WEUSE
  • Distributed Software Development - Methods and Tools for Risk Management at ICGSE 2008DSD
  • Workshop on Domain Driven Data Mining (DDDM) at KDD 2007DDDM
  • Making Globally Distributed Software Development a Success Story at ICSP 2008 (co-located with ICSE 2008) MGSD
  • Studying Work Practices in GSE at ICGSE 2008WorkPractices
  • Tool-Supported Development and Management in Distributed Projects(REMIDI) at ICGSE 2008REMIDI08
  • Global Requirements Engineering (GREW) at ICGSE 2007GREW
  • Measurement-based Cockpits for Distributed Software and Systems Engineering Projects(SOFTPIT)SOFTPIT
  • Tools for Managing Globally Distributed Software Development(TOMAG)TOMAG
  • Tool Support and Requirements Management in Distributed Projects (REMIDI)REMIDI07
  • Managing Requirements Knowledge (MaaRK'08) at RE 2008MaRK'08
  • Agile Knowledge Sharing for Distributed Software Teams(AKNOWLEDGE'08) at SE 2008AKNOWLEDGE'08
  • Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering(SWESE'07) at ESWC 2007SWESE'07
  • Supporting Knowledge Collaboration in Software Development(KCSD'06) at ASE 2006KCSD'06
  • Social and Collaborative Construction of Structured Knowledge(CKC'07) at WWW 2007CKC'07
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