To follow is a further list of topics which are of interest to the KNOWING Workshop.

  • engineering knowledge
  • knowledge acquisition/representation/dissemination/usage
  • knowledge work practices
  • requirements engineering
  • knowledge management in global free/open source software dvelopment
  • communication and collaboration models
  • knowledge management in multi-site software development
  • rationale as a pervasive source for knowledge management
  • technologies and services for knowledge engineering
  • knowledge mechanisms
  • data grids for distributed knowledge sharing, management,and processing
  • patterns and 'anti-patterns' for effective global software development
  • management and understanding of knowledge within distributed teams
  • risks of having knowledge disseminated around the globe
  • knowledge grid models and platforms for global knowledge sharing
  • empirical Software Engineering data for traceability and transparency in GSD projects
  • analysis of the effectiveness of global virtual teams in software engineering projects
  • intelligent agents for knowledge management
  • empirical methods for validation of methods and tools for knowledge management
  • knowledge grid:an architecture for distributed knowledge discovery
  • knowledge management in integrated software engineering environments
  • conceptual/methodological/architectural frameworks for managing knowledge
  • mechanisms of project management in Global Software Development
  • the role of software internationalisation and localisation in Global Software Development
  • specification of conventions for constructing and using knowledge in GSD
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Page last updated: 18/11/2009