Title: Social Software for Global Software Development.

New development tools and processes are emerging that leverage Social Computing technology to create and support virtual teams distributed around the world both within organizations and across organizational boundaries.
Individuals and organizations are now working on projects with people they will never meet, creating software that will be used in ways they can't anticipate and that may be deployed in virtual environments that have not yet been created. Global, cross-domain collaboration is necessary to build successful software these days. In this talk we will discuss the role of Social Software and Advanced Collaboration systems in global software development with reference to experiences of IBM and our business and research partners.

Mike has spent the past 20 years working for large multinationals: IBM, Microsoft, and Lotus Development in software research and development, product development and technical management roles. Before this he worked at two startups - Vault Corporation in California working on cryptographic products and School Software in Ireland working on educational games.

Mike is currently Chief Architect for the IBM Software Group in Ireland specializing in Social Computing and Advanced Collaboration product development. Mike has represented IBM on government working groups and standards bodies and chairs the yearly IBM Collaboration conference. He holds 7 patents and was recently elected to the IBM Academy of Technology which is made up of 300 senior technical leaders drawn from IBM's worldwide population of 385,000 staff.

Areas of expertise are end to end process of software product development, technical and project management and managing distributed software projects.

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Page last updated: 07/06/2011