Title: Correct-by-Construction Development of Fault Tolerant Systems
Presenters: Alexei Iliasov, Linas Laibinis, Elena Troubitsyna, and Alexander Romanovsky
Duration: half day
When: Monday afternoon, 20 June 2011

Ensuring system fault tolerance is one of the major concerns in developing critical industrial applications. The tutorial shows how to rigorously develop systems that are not only functionally correct but also fault tolerant. The material of the tutorial is built on the results of two EC projects, RODIN and DEPLOY, that created and validated in the industrial settings the RODIN platform - an Eclipse-based development environment supporting formal modelling in Event-B. The focus of the tutorial is on demonstrating how fault tolerance can be systematically specified and verified as an intrinsic part of the overall system behavior. The general principles are demonstrated by several industrial case studies based on our work with telecommunication, space and business information sectors. As part of the tutorial we will introduce and demonstrate a number of RODIN tools that support model structuring using modes, modules, and fault tolerance views, and facilitate fault tolerance modelling.
For more information see RODIN (http://rodin.cs.ncl.ac.uk/) and DEPLOY (http://www.deploy-project.eu/)

Alexei Iliasov is a Researcher Associate at the School of Computing Science, Newcastle University, UK. He got his PhD in Computer Science in 2008 in the area of modelling artefacts reuse in formal developments. His research interests include agent systems, formal methods for software engineering and tools and environments supporting modelling and proof.

Linas Laibinis is a Senior Researcher at the Department of Information Technologies of Abo Akademi University, Finland. He got his PhD in Computer Science in 2000 on mechanised formal reasoning about computer programs. His research interests include interactive environments for proof and program construction, as well as application of formal methods to modelling and development of fault tolerant and distributed software systems.

Elena Troubitsyna is an Academy Research Fellow at the Academy of Finland and Adj. Professor at Abo Akademi University. She got her PhD in Computer Science in 2000 on design methods for dependable systems. Her research interests include application of formal and structured methods to development of dependable complex systems. She is a leader of several national projects in the area of dependability and formal methods. She has also served in numerous programme committees of international conferences. Elena is the PC chair of SERENE 2011 - International Workshop on Software Engineering for Resilient Systems.

Alexander Romanovsky is a professor at the School of Computing Science, Newcastle University (UK) where he leads the Dependability Research Group. He is the coordinator of the FP7 DEPLOY Integrated Project on Industrial Deployment of System Engineering Methods Providing High Dependability and Productivity. Before this he coordinated the FP6 RODIN STREP on Rigorous Open Development Environment for Complex Systems. His main areas of research interests are dependability, tolerance reuse and fault tolerance software architectures.

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