Monday 24th August
8:30Opening Remarks
8:30An Analysis of Existing Software Configuration Systems
Klaus Schmid, Christian Kröher (Germany)
9:15Context for Goal-level Product Line Derivation
Raian Ali, Ruzanna Chitchyan, Paolo Giorgini (UK)
10:30Adding Variants on-the-fly:Modeling Meta-Variability in Dynamic Software Product Lines
Alexander Helleboogh, Danny Weyns, Klaus Schmid, Tom Holvoet, Kurt Schelfthout, Wim Van Betsbrugge (Belgium/Germany)
11:15Bio-Inspired Mechanisms for Coordinating Multiple Instances of a Service Feature in Dynamic Software Product Lines
Jaejoon Lee, Jon Whittle and Oliver Storz (UK)
12:00Lunch Break
1:30Dynamic software product lines in service oriented computing
Svein Hallsteinsen, Shanshan Jiang, Richard Sanders (Norway)
2:15Customisation along Lifecycle of Autonomic Homes
Carlos Cetina, Pablo Trinidad, Vicente Pelechano and Antonio Ruiz-Cortés (Spain)
3:00Discussion and End
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