APSO: Scrutinizing Agile Practices, or "Shoot out at Process Corral"  

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30th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)

10-18 May 2008, Leipzig, Germany

Agile methods and practices are gaining momentum in industry, and also slowly making their way in academia. They bring fresh air, and funny new jargon. Some practitioners consider them as the ultimate advance in software engineering. But what do we really know about this? Where is the evidence? Do they scale? Do they solve real issues or just substitute new issues to old ones? Are the benefits tangible, or just acts of faith? Aren't we all agile? Are they no agile failures? Isn't the "waterfall process" -- that piñata of agilistas -- the real holy grail of software engineering, and agile processes only a 'Band-Aid' to compensate for our deficiencies?

This workshop aims at challenging the ready-made ideas, the fluff, the hype, putting things into context, and examining these with fresh and open eyes.

Workshop goals

This workshop would like to put in the same room the converts, the enthusiasts, the researchers, the skeptics, the proponents of more "traditional" approaches, those coming from more delicate areas (safety-critical systems, large legacy code), and have an honest debate, behind the hype and the funny lingo. Ultimately the workshop should identify what is established knowledge, what is dubious knowledge, where research could potentially help validate or invalidate some of the agile practices, and some strategies to get there. Converts wanting to play the role of the devil's advocate are welcome, too. One outcome of the workshop could be a research agenda on agile practices in software engineering.


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