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Agile and Lean Service-Oriented Development: Foundations, Theory and Practice


A book edited by Dr. Xiaofeng Wang and Dr. Nour Ali (Lero, the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre), Prof. Isidro Ramos (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia) and Prof. Richard Vidgen (University of New South Wales)


To be published by IGI Global: <http://igi-global.com/AuthorsEditors/AuthorEditorResources/CallForBookChapters/CallForChapterDetails.aspx?CallForContentId=97c7a7f1-6e45-4a90-b48e-b47c6ab04a75>


Motivation and Objectives

Service Oriented Engineering (SOE) and Agile and Lean software development present promising solutions for contemporary software development projects to deal effectively with challenges in increasingly turbulent business environments typified by unpredictable markets, changing customer requirements, pressures of ever shorter time-to-deliver, and rapidly advancing information technologies. Research and practice of SOE and Agile and Lean software development have been advancing independently over the past years and have become the prevailing system development approaches. It is intriguing to explore the potential synergy that comes from a combination of both areas. As distinct as they seem to be, SOE and Agile and Lean software development may have a lot in common and can inform each other. Therefore, the objectives of this book are:

  • To explore the foundations on which SOE and Agile and Lean methods can be combined;
  • To build the conceptual basis and empirical evidences for the combination of the two approaches; and
  • To provide tools, best practices and guidelines for agile and lean service oriented development in practice.


Target Audience

The prospective audience of the book can be:

  • Researchers interested in Agile and Lean software development, service computing/service science or both;
  • Software development practitioners who want to explore the potential of both approaches; and
  • University students specialising in software engineering or information systems.
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Page last updated: 17/12/2010