The workshop is planned as a full-day event and will include time slots for presentations and discussions. Authors of accepted submissions will be asked to give a 10-15 minutes presentation of their research work. Presentations should include research results, interesting research questions, and open issues to be discussed during the workshop. After each presentation, a pre-assigned discussant will provide a critical review of the paper. This will be guided by a list of questions provided by the workshop organizers. Discussion points of major interest will be focussed in a dedicated discussion session at the end of the workshop. Two particular roles are taken on by the ACoTA attendees:

  • A presenter presents his paper but additionally will be asked to take on the role of a discussant for another paper (all the papers will be distributed to the participants in PDF format approx. two weeks prior to the event).
  • A discussant prepares the discussion of a paper. The discussants task is to give a review of the paper directly after its presentation. This task will be guided by a predefined set of questions provided by the ACoTA organizers.
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Page last updated: 09/08/2010