Call for Papers: SPLC Doctoral Symposium


The goal of the SPLC Doctoral Symposium is to provide a supportive, but challenging environment that enables students to further improve their research work leading to a Ph.D. Students will be given an opportunity to discuss their research, especially goals, methods, and intermediate results with top researchers in the area. This is a unique opportunity for Ph.D. students to gain valuable expert feedback with respect to all aspects of their research work and to get into contact with other students who are at a similar stage of Ph.D. research. The overall aim is to improve the quality and quantity of successful Ph.D. work in the area of software product lines.


The event aims at Ph.D. candidates that are sufficiently advanced to provide already results from initial work but are also sufficiently far from submission that feedback may be integrated into the final version of the Ph.D. Other students (including diploma and master students) may be admitted based on availability of space.

All topics that are relevant to the SPLC are also relevant to the doctoral consortium.

Submission Dates:

Submit your Ph.D. proposal: 15 June, 2008.
Notification: 20 July, 2008.
Revised Version for Distribution: 31 July, 2008


Submissions to the doctoral symposium consist of two parts: a research abstract and a letter of recommendation. Further information can be found at:

Selection Process:

Submissions will be evaluated according to the relevance, originality, and feasibility of the work. For each paper at least one reviewer will be available at the symposium and there will be a unique opportunity for discussion among reviewers and participants.

Symposium Organization:

The symposium is a one-day event to be held in conjunction with SPLC 2008. Each participant gets the chance to present his/her work (either as full presentation or as short presentation) and will get feedback from the panelists and the audience. In particular, the presenters will be provided with an opportunity for direct discussions with the reviewers.


Krzysztof Czarnecki University of Waterloo
Tomi Männistö Helsinki University of Technology
John McGregor Clemson University
Sooyong Park Sogang University
Klaus Schmid University of Hildesheim

Further information:

Further information can be found at:


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